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Welcome to The Buck List! This site is designed with two main goals in mind: providing you with ideas to help you save money with proven frugal tips and helping you to make money by giving you useful and sometimes unusual ideas. While there are close to five hundred pages on this site the following 60 plus are a good introduction to the money making and saving ideas you will find here.

Money Making Ideas

Survey and Reward Sites – Are they worth the time and effort?

Virtual Assistant – Might be worth a try as a work from home option.

Mystery Shopping – If you enjoy shopping this could work for you.

Sell on Craigslist – A great idea and one I still use.

Sell by Consignment – How to squeeze that last bit of value from clothes no longer needed.

Find Missing Money – Where to look to find out if any of it belongs to you.

Find Seasonal Work – Some ideas on finding extra side work.

Sell Your Books – Make money from your unwanted books.

Micro Loans – Do some research to find out if this would work for you.

Gift Cards – Sell, trade or cash in your unused gift cards.

Work at Home – Here are a few legitimate work at home ideas.

Offer Your Services – Assess your skills and offer them for barter or cash.

Sell Your CD’s and DVD’s – Some online and offline ideas.

Investment Club – Sound interesting? Here are some resources to help you get started.

Make Some Side Cash – Ten interesting ways to make some extra moola.

Sell Your Crafts – Here are ten options to make money from your crafts.

Find a Job or Work from Home – Nine different ideas are offered here.

Sell Your Stuff Online – Nine alternative options to the big guys.

Sell Your Cameras and Gear – Make money selling your unwanted equipment.

Pick Up Cans – Get some exercise, keep your community clean, and make a little money doing it.

Make Money From Vacant Homes – It’s unusual, but I have made money doing this.

Scrap Lumber – Ideas to both make and save money with it.

Sell Vinyl Records – Where to sell them online and off.

Sell Exotic Fish – A little different, but true.

Sell House Plants – Make a little cash with that green thumb.

House Sitting – How to travel, live rent free and make some money doing it.

Focus Groups – What they are and how you can find them to make money.

Selling Bones – Another weird idea that you can make money doing.

Medical Tests – How to get paid to take part in clinical and medical tests and drug trials.

Metal Detector – With some patience and luck this could be a money maker.

Peer to Peer Lending – Find out if this would be a good option for you.

Content Sites – If you like to write here is a review of some sites to check out, as well as some to avoid.

Unusual Craigslist Ideas – Two different (and free) ways to make money with the site.

Homemade Candles – How to make them and where to sell them.

Sell Homemade Goods – Some ideas and resources to get you started.

Money Saving Ideas

Use Coupons – Here are some sites you have to check out.

Form a DIY Club – A great way to save money on home improvement projects.

Don’t Eat Out - Rather than eat out find a new recipe.

Use Your Library – How to get the most out of your library, including the Secret Library Tip.

Search for Scholarships – Some tips and ideas on how to find college scholarships.

Save Money on Meds – How you can save money on prescription medication.

Save Money on Sports Equipment – Some frugal ideas to equip the sport players in your family.

Does Fishing Save You Money? – An excellent question with a surprising answer.

Frugal Summer Activities for Kids – Twenty ways to keep them busy for little money.

Best Freebie Sites – Ten sites full of freebies and giveaways.

Cheap Summer Fun Ideas – Some frugal things to do this summer.

Save Money by Salvaging – Lots of great ideas on how to salvage to save money.

How to Camp on the Cheap – Packed full of ideas about how to save money when camping.

Find Food in Times of Need – When times get tough these resources can help put food on the table.

Free Movie and TV Sites – Over a dozen websites to watch free content.

Eat Out on the Cheap – A list of ideas for when the budget is a little tight.

Save Money by Foraging – How to find food in the great outdoors.

Save Money on Tools – How to borrow, rent or share tools you need.

Save Money by Staying Home – Ten frugal ways to entertain at home.

Can You Find Good Free Stuff on Craigslist? – A weeklong study produced some interesting answers.

How to Buy a Used Car – Some good tips along with one rule to never forget.

Save Money Using a Locker – How to save some serious money on your food budget.

Free or Cheap Health Care – How and where to find it.

Keep the Kids Busy This Winter – Ten ideas to get them outside and from under foot.

Curbing – Save and make money with curbside freebies.

Save Money With a CSA – Another way to eat frugally and healthy.

Save Money on a Wedding – Six great ideas that we used to save money.

Four Leading Causes of Overspending – What they are and how to avoid them.

Join a Time Bank – If you have more time than money this could be a great idea.

Save Money for Free – Money saving ideas that cost you nothing.

Conserve Water – The savings are potentially huge.

Save Money on Vacation – Lots of methods we have used that should help you trim that vacation budget.

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