Selling Through A Consignment Shop

Selling clothes at a consignment shop was something I had never considered, until I found myself the owner of a wardrobe I did not buy. I needed to get rid of multiple totes packed full of all kinds of clothes, from child to adult sizes, male and female and including all seasons. Just donating them all to charity would have been preferable, but the need at the time for cash precluded that idea.

After consulting with my wife and looking through the phone book we decided to try a consignment shop that she already frequented. The shop asked for all items to be clean and on hangers and to bring in only 25 pieces once a week. In late winter they begin only accepting spring and summer items, while by late summer they will only accept fall and winter apparel.

My wife took the first batch to the shop to set up the account, and I continued to go through the totes and take 25 items a week as time allowed. The shop decides the asking price and takes 60% if the item is purchased. Once our account reaches a minimum of $25 at the end of the monthly cycle the shop mails us a check. Items that have not been sold or reclaimed by the 60 day termination date become the property of the consignment shop.

Opinion: Consignment selling is another of my
recommendations for making some side cash. We have to date consigned 145 items and sold 55 of them for a total of $141.90. Currently 22 of the 145 are still active, or for sale. Looking at those figures it is easy to see how shops make their money. However, they are housing the inventory and displaying it, advertising it, and making the sale. We just take the items in and walk out with an inventory printout.

As for the clothes that are not accepted we donate them to either Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If you have not tried selling on consignment I would encourage you dig into your closets and give it a try.

Have you sold by consignment? Was it worth your time? Share your experiences!

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