Cheap Summer Fun Ideas

Can you smell it? Fresh cut grass, a coming rainstorm, flowers. Ahh, summer. While I have seen plenty of these lists over the years, here is my version of “things to do during the summer.” I have done all of them, and I recommend every single one.

Take a nature walk in the woods.

Go for a treasure hunt at the beach.

Visit your local Science Center.

Buy and use a family pool pass.

Tour local gardens and arboretums.

Attend park concerts and plays.

Go to local neighborhood festivals.

Visit city, small town and regional museums.

Play Frisbee or disc golf.

Buy and use a zoo pass.

Go camping.

Tour historic homes and districts.

Visit your local Art Center or gallery.

Attend county fairs in your state.

Go fishing.

Relax with a good book.

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  1. All of these are really good ideas and i see that none of them involve any kind of video games or electronical devices. That is what my world is kind of like now. except more on the camping side... In fact it is mostly on the camping side.


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