Ten Outdoor Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy This Winter

Winter can sometimes be a challenging season to keep kids occupied. Hearing the dreaded statement “I’m bored” repeatedly can almost bring a parent to the brink. To avoid hearing it this winter, or at least not as often, here are ten ideas to keep the kids busy by getting them outdoors this winter. If you live some place that does not get cold and snowy these won’t work for you. But that’s okay, because you live some place that doesn’t get cold and snowy!

Take them sledding. After some decent snow fall and once the roads have been cleared pack up the sleds, a thermos of hot chocolate and head for the hills.

Build a snowman, or lady, or a whole family. Try making snow animals, too. Don’t forget snow angels.

Have a snowball fight. No head shots!

Build a snow fort, or several, AND THEN have the snowball fight.

Take a walk around your neighborhood or local park while it is snowing. Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue.

Drive or walk around town looking at Christmas lights.

Take them ice skating.

If they are old enough encourage them shovel snow in the neighborhood. A good energy burner AND money maker.

Have an outdoor winter bonfire. Many county and state parks have fireplaces in their shelter houses that are open to the public year round.

Take them on a sleigh ride. A Google search for my area turned up rides offered at a county park, a private farm, an orchard, a Bed & Breakfast and a sports park.

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