Make Money Selling Homemade Goods

There is a large indoor flea market in our area that always has homemade goods spread out on certain strategically placed tables. There are usually pies, brownies, cookies and bread and sometimes jars of salsa, honey, jams and jellies, all homemade. During a recent visit while looking over that day’s spread I got to wondering how much money one could make producing and selling such items. While my wife has baked various things for potlucks and fundraisers over the years we have not really thought seriously of selling homemade goods for profit. I suppose it’s always a possibility if we ever decide to pursue the idea.

I have also seen homemade goods for sale at craft shows, farmers markets and local fairs and festivals. Some other homemade items you could consider making and selling are soap, candles, jewelry, woodworking projects, extra vegetables from your garden, the list could go on and on.  

Make sure to check with your state’s health department for any applicable regulations and with local officials concerning any licenses or permits you might need.

If this is something you are interested in check out the following resources for some additional, more in depth reading on the subject.

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  1. I enjoy making candles and want to learn to make my own soap. I have often thought about turning my hobby into something more to make some extra money. Thanks for the links. I think I will take my thoughts to the next step and do some serious research into what I would need to do this.


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