Save Money On Sports Equipment

While in school my two kids were active in volleyball, swimming, wrestling, soccer, football and track and field. That led to a lot of meets, matches, practices and games to attend, as well as equipment to buy. Trying to get the best price on all that equipment can involve several methods, including:

  • watch the newspaper flyers for deals
  • buy at the end of the season when stores are liquidating stock
  • buy from factory outlets
  • check school equipment exchanges and sales
  • browse used sporting equipment stores
  • view online listings on Craigslist and Freecycle for your area
  • ask other parents with slightly older or larger children
  • ask the coach

Other parents, we found out, were more than eager to clear out last season’s equipment, usually for free or very little. Asking the coach is always a good idea because they are usually involved with purchasing equipment and/or are responsible for a school budget.

If your kids play sports how do you save money buying equipment?


  1. We live in an area where downhill skiing and snowboarding are the main sports for the kids. It blows my mind how expensive it is just to participate in these sports, let alone compete. Each of my three kids needs alpine skis, Nordic skis and snowboards. The local consignment sports store has saved us. Sometimes, tourists will come and buy new equipment for their kids instead of renting and then drop it off at the consignment store on their way out of town, so you can get some amazing deals on nearly new stuff.

  2. Nice informative article ....Thanks


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