Sell Your Stuff Online - Some Other Options

While eBay, Amazon and Craigslist all have individual strengths they bring to the online selling experience, there ARE other options to selling your stuff online. In no particular order here are a few other sites to try.

4 Sale 4 Now – You decide on a fair initial price to list your item at and decide how large of a discount you will allow during the buying process. Their listing fee is $2 and the final sale fee is 4% of the sale.

Alibris – Another option to sell your books, music, movies, etc. Their basic program, for sellers listing fewer than 1,000 items monthly, charges $1 per item sold, 15% commission and a $19.99 annual fee, but no monthly fees.

CeX – This site has predetermined what they will pay for games, DVD’s, electronics and other items. Search for what you have for sale and see what they will pay for it.

Oodle – Post ads for free for the items you have for sale and Oodle distributes it to hundreds of other classifieds sites.

The CD Exchange – Sell your CD’s and DVD’s on this site. Type in what you have and they will send you a quote. If it amounts to over $25 they will pay S & H.

Wherehouse - Sell them your CD’s, DVD’s and games. Type in the title of what you have to find out what they are paying.

Wigix – List your stuff for sale for free with no fees for items below $25.

New Era Antiques – Have any old electronics sitting around, or wondering what that radio from Aunt Mary is worth? Give NEA a try.

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  1. Great information about craiglist!. Planning to work hard in selling on craigslist.


  2. Another similar online selling service to consider is Sell Products Online by Garage Fairy in the US only. You will need to register your stuff on their website and they will pick it up acoording to your schdeule. Worth a try for beginners.

  3. Regardless of what site you use to sell your stuff, my best tip would be to make sure you price it right. If you don't want to spend a lot of time doing the research yourself, you should check out this new startup I've just signed up for called Statricks. It is a pricing tool where you get price reports and fair market values for almost all used goods, so you know what you should price your items for – or you know you don’t overpay when buying something. You can also use it in negotiations if people try to overcharge you or if they’re not willing to pay a fair price.
    I’ve just been invited as a beta user, but already find it very useful. I would recommend signing up and checking it out!

  4. If you have items you are trying to Sell you should try Selling Yardsellr! Don't let the name fool you!! They allow and encourage ALL types of Items (New, Used, Handmade, Digital, and Drop Shipped too)!

    The Facebook App (Yardsellr) allows Unlimited Pictures, Unlimited Text Descriptions, and they offer Ebay and Esty Importers to make listing fast and easy :) No limit on the number of listings as many as you want!!

    They offer a $5 Sign Up Bonus so that New Users (You!) can try the site as a Buyer. Sign Up is Super Easy too...No forms/emails to fill out...Just click "Facebook Connect"

    IF you decide to try Selling, there are No Fees!! No Commissions!! Free to List!! They are committed to "No Seller Fees", No FVFs (Buyers do pay a small fee) There are currently 18,000+ Sellers and Over 100,000 Users.

    Sorry...I don't mean to ramble on, sounding all "spammy" just Love the site and want to see more Sellers at least check it out.
    Here's the Link....Happy Shopping and Fee FREE Selling

  5. try this website:

    you can sell your stuff all over the world


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