Make Money From Medical Tests

All over the world drug companies, universities, hospitals and clinics are looking for both healthy people and those with specific health problems who are willing to participate in medical studies. There are short and long term opportunities available for those who are looking to get paid to take part in clinical and medical tests and drug trials. You can help to advance research and make some side cash at the same time. To find tests and trials near you try searching Craigslist, college bulletin boards and newsletters, the internet and newspaper ads. The following are a few resources to get you started.

Just Another Lab Rat – This is a good site to start with to learn more about the clinical research process, including where the clinics are, what the qualifications are, what the various phases mean and what it's like to do a study.

Guinea Pigs Get Paid – Another great site to learn more about and locate medical trials, paid clinical trials and various other research studies. They offer an extensive FAQ section as well as a clinic finder.

Bio Trax –This site bills itself as “the most comprehensive, information, advisory service for Healthy Volunteers wishing to participate in medical trials, clinical trials, drug trials and paid medical research.” I found out they ask you to register and pay a membership fee, which I would not do. I included the site anyway because it does contain some useful free information.

Clinical Connection – You can use this site to search for clinical trials as well as use their message board to discuss health, illnesses, medicine, and clinical trials.

CIRCARE – This is the website for “a human rights organization dedicated to the protection of human subjects in research and medical treatment.” Check out the news and information sections for loads of links to everything from lawsuits to books on bioethics.

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