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My wife and I have never been much for eating out, the two main reasons being we are infected with severe cases of frugality and we enjoy cooking. The three main reasons for us to go out to eat are for special occasions, if one of us gets a gift card or certificate to a restaurant, or when we come across a coupon or a deal that is just too good to pass up. The following ideas are some frugal alternatives to the usual restaurant options.

Culinary schools many times will have onsite cafeterias that serve dinner.

Fire station fundraisers offer up anything from bake sales to grill outs.

Try a local university or college cafeteria. They are open to the public and most offer a low flat fee all you can eat buffet.

Boy Scout fundraisers could include anything from a pancake breakfast to a fish fry.

Many Vocational and Tech schools offer cafeterias that serve dinner the culinary students have prepared.

VFW Posts offer generous dinner or supper plate deals.

Visit your local churches for breakfast and supper meals held as fundraisers.

Larger hospitals have cafeterias that usually serve inexpensive generous portions and offer daily dinner deals.

Fundraisers are inexpensive because the food is donated and they don’t want any leftovers, so the food is priced to move. Showing up toward the end could get you a serious price cut. The schools mark up their food enough to make a small profit, with the main focus on keeping waste to a minimum. All of it adds up to good eating for little money.

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