Nine Ways to Find a Job or Work at Home

There seems to be no end to work from home or employment sites. Whether you are currently between jobs or looking for a way to make some extra money on the side there are a lot of websites to help with your hunt. This is a subject I have found myself writing quite a bit about on The Buck List, so make sure to go back and read my previous posts. Start with the first one I wrote, and how to find seasonal work. Check out how to offer your services for barter or cash, as well as My Find a Job series consisting of Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. I wrote about some work from home ideas, as well as 10 Interesting Ways to Make Some Side Cash.

On to the newest batch:

Workstir – Register for a free account, fill out your profile and they will send an email whenever there is a new job posted in your area, or a daily summary of listings. They also provide a rating system to recognize good work.

Great Green Careers - As you might be able to guess from the website name they specialize in finding jobs in the energy and environment sectors, skilled trades and the transportation field. Create an account and post your resume.

Short Task - You decide what tasks you want to work on and when. What are the tasks? They describe them as “something as simple as arranging information, researching an article, posting a link to a website, filling out a form, or making a phone call. The list of tasks you can do on Short Task is almost endless.”

My First Paycheck – Created by a teenager and her older brother, this site offers job listings, advice and other resources for kids looking for employment.

Laid Off Camp – They state simply that they exist “as a resource for anyone without a full-time job.” The site offers advice, a job board, and a wiki as well as where Laid Off Camps are being held and how to organize you own.

Crazy Hot Job – They list ONE job per day, but it is a “crazy hot job.”

Rat Race Rebellion – They provide a sizeable list of screened work at home job leads, as well as advice and resources. It’s worth bookmarking and spending some time looking around.

Home-Based Working Moms – They are a “professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to.” A nice networking resource, too.

Work-At-Home Success – Another good site to explore if you want to work at home. Offers short, to the point advice and work from home ideas and resources.

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