Borrow, Rent or Share Those Tools

Borrowing and sharing tools is a long standing money saving tradition that is making a comeback during the current recession. Using a local community tool library is another frugal option to cheaply rent the tools you need.

Borrowing or sharing is simply a matter of getting or lending whatever tools you and your friends, family and neighbors own. If the trust is there, and you ask, you might be able to cut up that fallen tree limb without owning a chainsaw. Sometimes it makes economic sense for a group to pool their resources and purchase a higher priced tool that all would use yearly, such as a wood chipper or a tiller.

Tool libraries can offer a wide variety of hand and power tools and a yearly membership fee generally runs from $5 to $25, with unlimited borrowing during that time. Some libraries also offer how to videos and manuals. Wikipedia has a list of tool lending libraries to check out, or search online for “tool library” and your city for one close to you.

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