Do It Yourself Clubs

Do-it-yourself clubs are collectives of neighbors, friends and family members that help each other with redecorating and home improvement projects. When forming a club members inventory each others skills and tools, decide on how often to meet and the quantity and types of projects to undertake. Members might agree to meet monthly or just a few times a year. One member might be good at landscaping, while another likes to paint and yet another is good at plumbing. Quite a bit of money can be saved by using the skills, labor and tools of the club rather than hiring a contractor.

The day of the project can even become a social event including serving meals and designating a babysitter to keep the little ones entertained during the work. When that job is completed, planning rotates to the next project for the next member in line.

While researching this post I came across this excellent article from the Associated Press and a 48 year old different take on the concept from the Time archives.

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  1. This would be great! I live on the Space Coast and have lots of skills (computer, finance, filing organization, medical paperwork,past realtor) to offer and would love to trade them for handyman type skills. How would we get this exchange set up?


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