Sell Your CDs & DVDs

I have music in my collection that covers the spectrum of sonic reproduction formats from vinyl to compact discs. My movie collection includes VHS and DVDs. Just a few years ago I was finding vinyl records, in good condition, for from $1 to $3 each, but prices have been rising. Eight track tapes are still floating around flea markets and garage sales to be had for a few dollars per groovy carrying case. Tape cassettes are down to fifty cents each, usually, and VHS tapes have fallen from a used price of $4 to $5 to an average of around a dollar now. Can CDs and DVDs be far behind in the face of Blu-ray and MP3 formats?

Offline places to try to sell them include independent music shops, which also usually buy and sell DVDs and games. Pawn shops will not pay much, but used book stores usually have multi media sections and I have found they will pay a little more than most.

Online there are the usual Amazon and eBay options, and I have even sold CDs from my house using Craigslist. Other online options include:

The CD Exchange: Your CDs and DVD’s must be in excellent condition and include all of the artwork. Fill out their online form listing what you have and they will email back what they want and what they will pay, either by check or store credit.

Wherehouse: Pretty much the same procedure as above except you can search their website to see if they want your items and how much they will pay. They are also a little more forgiving about the condition, such as a few light scratches are okay.

Second Spin: You can also search for what they want and they also accept games, like the first two.

Swap A CD and Swap A DVD: These are swapping sites, which strays a little from the gist of this post, but they do give you another option. Swap Tree is another swap site.


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