Two Unusual Ways to Make Money on Craigslist

While most everyone is aware of how to make money on Craigslist selling their unwanted possessions there are a few other ways to make money using the site. I would be interested in hearing if any of you have tried these, so please feel free to comment below.

The Free Stuff

Check the free stuff listed in the for sale category for items you could pick up and turn around and sell. While there are plenty of worthless garage sale leftovers and miscellaneous junk offered you can find the occasional stuff that has value, such as nice clothes you could take to a consignment shop. In my area during the last week items offered for free that could be sold included VHS tapes (I have sold them for a dollar each at our garage sales and on Craigslist), clothes, working appliances, furniture, a vacuum cleaner, working organs and pianos, bikes, a gas grill, working TVs, a working humidifier, cribs and beds and kitchen and dining room tables. Unless you can turn these items over quickly the only drawback would be having the storage space to keep the stuff while you tried to sell it.

The Wanted Stuff

In the for sale category keep an eye on the wanted section for items you just might have lying around that could bring in some cash. It can obviously be hit and miss because the stuff being asked for can be very specific, but there are plenty of general requests as well. Over the last week people in my area have been willing to pay for World War Two military items, a file cabinet, a chainsaw, beds and cribs, car tires, clothes, cars, aquarium, furniture, dog house, 45 RPM records, Legos, wood chipper, working appliances, sewing machines, golf balls, scrap metal, snow blowers, tickets to plays and concerts, gold and silver coins, digital camera, cell phones, cinder blocks, a boat, baby stroller, computers, musical instruments, boots and shoes, space heater, Playstation 3, exercise ball and two baby pigmy goats. You might have noticed some cross over between the free stuff and the wanted stuff, which is a good trend.

If I had the storage space I would seriously consider flipping free stuff for cash. As it is I will continue to keep my eye on the wanted category for anything I might want to get rid of. How about you?

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  1. Thanks again for yet another great idea. We used Craiglist after our yard sale this past summer to sell some larger items. It works well especially as you can post photos. It was a win win for both buyer and seller.

  2. Olivia - I agree...what did we do before Craigslist came along?


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