Make Money by Selling Your Bones

Okay, not the bones in your body, but how could I resist using that title? I’m referring to animal bones you might collect while walking in the woods or other remote locations. I have been a bone collector since childhood, when I would gather skulls and miscellaneous bones of possum, raccoon, deer and all sorts of other deceased creatures from the wooded ravine behind the house I grew up in. Over the years I have continued the habit, usually while taking my dogs out in the woods. While some might find the habit of picking up dead animal bones as distasteful, I see skeletal remains as mysterious and full of beauty, a view I suspect is shared by most osteologists, archeologists, zooarcheologists as well as paleontologists.

While I am not really interested in selling the bones I have collected over the years, a while back I got to wondering, as I tend to do with many things, if there was a market for them. I was half surprised to find out that there is. A little online research turned up the following sites where you can sell your bones.

Clear Creek Trading Company – They sell Indian artifacts, skulls, animal bones, leather hides, fur pelts, art and craft work, medicinal herbs, beads, cowhides and many other related items. I contacted them and asked if they purchased from individuals and they confirmed they do.

Skulls Unlimited – Their main page asks if you have a skull to sell and gives their email address. They offer mammal, reptile and human skulls and skeletons as well as fossils, osteology books, skull teaching kits and many miscellaneous items. Make sure to watch the Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs video while there.

The Bone Room – They buy from private individuals. Email them with photographs and a detailed description, as well as an asking price. They sell animal skulls and skeletons, human bones, framed insects, fossils, eggs, claws, horns, and much more.

The American Headhunter – Their products include bird skulls, books, reptile skulls and shells, snake skins, fish skulls, mammal skulls, and miscellaneous items such as porcupine quills and deer antlers. I contacted them asking if they bought from private individuals and they said the best way to determine if they want what you have is to call them.

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  1. i live a few miles from Skulls Unlimited - it is a fascinating place to visit!

  2. does anyone know anything in the UK? I have a unique femur bone for sale, not sure what animal (it is about 15cm long) but it has been naturally died black presumably from being out of reach of sunlight in the sea.

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