Make Money Selling Homemade Candles

Years ago, when I was still a kid living at home, I remember my mother making long green taper candles from thin metal antique molds. One of the collections she maintained and added to over the years was early American lighting objects, such as the molds as well as colonial era candle holders, wick trimmers, lamps, and so on. Part of the enjoyment of collecting for her was not just buying and displaying these items but actually using them, which is what led to her candle making period.

While mom was into it just for the experience, anyone who can afford to buy the supplies and take the time to produce homemade candles could try making some money selling them to the public. Some possible outlets include sites such as Etsy, Art Fire, or Silkfair, as well as craft shows, flea markets and craft malls. To find out where and when these events are held near you, as well as loads of great tips and sites to explore, make sure to visit both Craft Site Directory and Free Craft Fair.

Candle making at home can help fill some spare time by making a quality product that could make you some side cash. Check out the following sites to help you get started…

Pioneer Living offers an extensive section on making candles of all kinds.

Candle Whiz is a large online eBook that starts with the history of candle making and proceeds with descriptions of equipment you will need and how to make over a dozen different kinds of candles.

Candle Instructions provides plenty of tips and instructions as well as free 12 part email course.

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