Make Money Selling Exotic Fish

A few weeks ago I was doing a little spring cleaning in the garage and came across a ten gallon fish tank one of my kids had used for a school or Scouting project. I did what comes natural to me these days when something is no longer needed and put it up for sale on Craigslist.

A guy responded and when he showed up to get the tank I asked him if he collected fish. He said he bought exotic fish cheap when they were young, raised them to adulthood or full size and then sold them for a hefty profit. He gave me an example, of which I can’t remember the amount, but it was large enough I remember wondering at the time who would pay that much for a fish.

The conversation only lasted a few minutes but he also mentioned something about “Blue Jack Dempsey’s” and a site he used called Aqua Bid.

I don’t think this is a money making idea I am going to try (I prefer to catch and eat fish) but I wanted to pass it on to you in case you want to do a little research and give it a go. As the fish dealer was leaving he made the final comment, “It’s not bad money for just throwing in some fish food once in a while.”

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  1. My parents had several Arowana when I was little. They're quite expensive I believe...

  2. I think you would have to love raising fish. I tried it once, but the maintanence of the tanks and constant problems keeping the fish healthy were just too much of a headache.

    Now I just keep simulated fish. I can create my own world of any type of fish I want and they grow, eat other fish, evade other fish, reproduce, and eventually die. But, not just in a fish bowl...I have a large sea of thousands of fish and aquatic animals on my desktop PC. I use Fish World


  3. Easier said than done! I wonder if he had actually done this or was just planning too? Problem is that a lot of people just enjoy breeding fish for the fun of it so the market is saturated. Unless you have a very large operation and are shipping large quantities of fish, you'll likely be selling a little on craigslist and some to fish stores for store credit. Blue Jack Dempseys are a little tricky to breed and aren't very hardy, that's why they sell for more. There's no easy money in the exotic fish business.


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