Save Money by Conserving Water

Water makes up most of what we are, covers the majority of Earth’s surface and sustains all living things while able to kill any of them. One of the costs of living in a civilized country is having to pay for water to be delivered to your home, and it is one of those bills that can vary wildly based on your use (or misuse). The following are some ideas on how to whittle down that expense.

Buy a water saving toilet flush system. Check with Fluidmaster to get an idea of what’s available.

Buy a new low flush toilet.

Put a full bottle of water in the tank so less water is used when flushing.

Use the “brown flush it down, yellow let it mellow” rule when using your toilet. Or not.

Adjust the filler mechanism in the tank so it stops at a lower level.

Replace leaky faucets with water efficient faucets, or at least replace the seals.

Install water efficient low flow shower heads.

Make sure to ask your water utility or city about possible rebates for any plumbing items you replace. You can also check WaterSense.

Consider investing in a tankless water heater.

When the time comes to replace any dishwashers and washing machines buy a brand with a good Energy Star rating. You can also use the site to read about possible tax credits and rebates.

Use your greywater (wash water) for watering plants and the garden.

Collect rain water in a rain barrel to water your garden and yard.

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving.

Run only full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine.

Use a broom or rake to remove leaves and debris from your driveway, patio and sidewalks instead of the hose.

I’m sure I’ve missed some so feel free to share your water saving ideas in the comment section below.

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  1. I especially agree about turning off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. That drives me crazy when people do that! Why leave the water running when you're not even using it?

  2. Laura it is right. I know a lot of people who let the water on when they are shaving. I try to tell them about disavantages but they remain at their opinion.
    Personally i turn the water off at every moment i don`t use it.

  3. Nice resource for everyone that wants to save both money and water. Engaging yourselves in an environmental awareness activity is really an act that should be shared with others. It is a good deed indeed for many of us inhabitants of the planet earth. I hope lots of people will mirror this act and also share it to youngsters. Wastewater Treatment Training can help people understand and be aware that they can reuse wastewater.


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