Celebrate National Soup Month!

To celebrate National Soup Month I gathered together my soup recipes, as well as a few other resources, and put them all in this post. I have to admit having them all in one place might be as much for my benefit as yours…enjoy!

Chicken Tortellini Soup - This is one of our favorites. With just a few ingredients and spices this makes for a delicious, hot soup to take the edge off of a cold day.

Broccoli Cauliflower Soup - This soup is delicious anytime of the year, and comes together well in a slow cooker.

Baked Potato Soup - Of all of the soup recipes we like this one has the most variables, and comes out different every time.

Pat’s Corn Chowder - Here is another frugal family favorite, usually served with a variety of breads and crackers.

Friendship Soup Mix – This makes for a great homemade gift soup mix, or make some up for your own use.

Poppy’s Chili – This one does not have many measurements, only a list of variable ingredients you can use. Whether you like it hot or not, in my opinion it’s all good.

Make sure to visit Soupsong for hot and cold soup recipes, vegetable and fruit soups, and all kinds of soup history and tidbits such as soup in the movies, soup customs, jokes and even soups people had on their deathbeds.

Soup Recipe offers both written and video versions of a nice variety of soups.

No exploration of the world of soup would be complete without a visit to the Campbell’s Soup website which, surprise, offers even more recipes.

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