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I was recently contacted by Rachel with the site Thrift Culture Now who asked if I would answer a few questions about myself and The Buck List. I agreed, and she put together a very nice article you can read here. While there make sure to take some time to look around, as they offer a lot of great frugal tips and advice.

Books Should Be Free offers downloadable free audio books in mp3, iPod, or iTunes format.

The stated mission of alternativeTo is to help you “find the right software for your computer or mobile phone…based on our users recommendations we list great alternatives to the applications you want to replace.”

Kiplinger again offers their annual list of the best values in public colleges.

Whether you have been practicing yoga for years or have just thought about trying it Yoga Journal is a great resource. They offer everything from a beginners Q&A to Master Class articles, how-to videos, health and lifestyle tips as well as several free e-newsletters you can subscribe to.

The Buck List participated in a couple of carnivals recently. Check out Best of Credit Cards and Saving Money and The Wealth Builder Carnival for some good articles on frugal living, investing, money making ideas and other personal finance issues. Thanks to the hosts for including my posts.

And now for something completely different.

WolframAlpha labels itself as a “computational knowledge engine.” Just type in your question and see what pops up. After trying some serious questions and getting serious replies I tried a few raunchy questions and got hilariously serious answers to those, too.

You can get even funnier, and much stranger, results by searching for something on Google via their AutoComplete suggestions. For a look into the funny, and sometimes twisted, things people are searching for type in the beginning of a question or make a statement, such as “why does my” or “how come I” and see what pops up.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
This article explores some ways to find free or cheap health care.

Have a good weekend!

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