One Way To Get The Most Out of Your Chicken

I decided to share a quick post on an example of how we try to be frugal with food. Our grocery store had a sale on chicken hindquarters, so I bought a 10 pound bag for $3.99. I layered the whole bag in our roaster and cooked them at 325 degrees for 3 hours. The meat was tender and easy to debone, and the meat went into three quart size freezer baggies. The bones and the rest went into a pan, covered with water and slow boiled for an hour. The broth was strained out into a bowl and allowed to cool so as to skim off the fat. Three 24 ounce containers were filled with the chicken broth and stored in the freezer for future use as a base for soups such as chicken and noodles or potato soup. The meat was also frozen for future use in soups or casseroles. That’s three chicken meals starting at $1.33 each, and “free” broth. Pretty frugal!


  1. Great idea for having chicken for chicken salad, casseroles and such. I use chicken stock for almost every recipe instead of water.

  2. When making chicken broth from bones, be sure to add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water and bones,etc. The vinegar helps to release the calcium from the bones into the broth. No, it doesn't affect the flavor of the broth either. Leaves no aftertaste. Boiling bones, etc, is also a source for glucosamine and chondritin...released from the carcass.

  3. Thanks for adding the vinegar tip, I will try it.


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