Bucks Guide to Cheap Entertainment

This is the sixth installment of the “Bucks Guide” series, which consists of previous posts grouped into topical guides. When I read other blogs I like I’m sure there is older content I might want to read, but usually I don’t have the time to dig through the archives. This is my attempt at making subject matter easier to find here. To that end here is:

Bucks Guide to Cheap Entertainment

Use Your Library

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Nine Ways to Find Cheap or Free Performances

The following sites and their descriptions appeared at other places on The Buck List:

Festivals can help you find a festival by searching for locations, performers, music and even vendors.

Visit State Fair Dates to find when state fairs all over the U.S. will be held, as well as links to their web pages.

Check out the search option at Free Night of Theater to find a show near you.

I have highlighted video sites in the past, but Channels describes itself as the first DVR for web video, and includes an index of over 150,000 shows. And it’s free.

Clicker is a database of “more than 450,000 episodes, from over 6,000 shows, from over 1,200 networks, tens of thousands of movies, and 50,000 music videos from 20,000 artists.”

YoYo Games claims to be “the world’s largest user generated game site with over 25,000 games.” Register with them and make your own games and play what others have created, all for free.

Like crossword puzzles? Hundreds are available in varying degrees of difficulty for free at Crosswordsite. Play on the site or print them off.

Use Many Books to download free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone or eBook reader. As of this writing they say they have 27,288 eBooks available, all free.

If you are looking for a good deal on tickets or are looking to sell some check out StubHub, where you can buy and sell concert, sports, theater and Broadway tickets.

SnagFilms “is committed to finding the world‘s most compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers, and making them available to the wide audience these titles deserve.” This free site has a library of over 850 films.

TicketZoom claims to be one of the largest resale event ticket companies in the world. If you need tickets for sports, concert or theater events make sure to check out the site, where they say you can save up to 50% on tickets.

Its Your Turn offers over 80 online games and variations, all for free.

The mission of Blip TV is to “make independent Web shows sustainable. We provide services to more than 50,000 independently produced Web shows. More than 44,000 show creators use every day to manage their online and offline presence.” Click around the site for some interesting, and sometimes very strange shows.

MUBI is “not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces. It’s also about discussing and sharing these discoveries, which makes us like a small coffee shop.” There are plenty of big and obscure films to check out on this site.

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