Weekly Roundup

The winner of the recent $60 gift certificate giveaway from CSN Stores was Tammy L. Thanks to everyone who participated and keep your eyes open for future giveaways.

Pandora is an internet radio site created by the Music Genome Project. To start things off type in a band or artist you like and they play not only that music but other songs that are musically related. Pretty cool!

With cooler weather moving in it’s time to dust off and fire up the slow cooker. If you need some inspiration visit Crock Pot and find some new recipes.

You could either use the following site for the services they provide or as a possible money making opportunity. Home and Pet Sitters offers professional pet and home sitting services. Begin your search by entering your postal ZIP code, or register with the site to advertise your sitting services.

I almost had to laugh recently because it seems as if I only have doom and gloom articles to choose from to include here. There is a very pervasive pessimistic outlook of the future held by people these days; it’s really starting to remind me of the 1970’s. Here is another cheerful article for you, this one warning about the retirement disaster ahead.

One of the first sites I check every morning before starting my day is Intellicast, to find out what kind of weather I can expect. Enter your location and bookmark the result for instant local weather reporting, and up to date satellite and radar images.

Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading.

I liked this post about giving your stuff away.

This post asks how far would you go to seek employment. Make sure to read the comments, too.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
Here is a piece I wrote about the two best ways to deal with telemarketers.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Love Pandora as radio reception is hit-or-miss here. Good way to discover new artists, too.

    And who can't use mre crock pot recipes? Thanks!


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