Sports Events on the Cheap

A list of all the sports my kids played during their school years would include soccer, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, football and track and field. They brought up wanting to play baseball a few times, at which time we had to point out they would have to give up some of the other sports because of how long the baseball season runs. Because of soccer alone we did not have a single weekend off to go camping for six years in a row.

Reflecting recently on all of those games, events, tournaments and meets we attended over the years got me to thinking: people could attend a huge variety of sporting events for very little money if they looked to their local middle school, high school, and intramural teams. All are usually open to the public and charge a minimal amount for admission. Even if you have kids (or grandkids) currently playing sports this could be a frugal day or night out to enjoy a game and support your local athletes.

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