The Pros and Cons of Buying Food at a Superstore

Shopping at superstores such as Sam’s Club or Costco for food has its advantages over the average grocery store for sure, as prices can be considerably lower for many items because of the collective buying model employed. But there are some pitfalls to be aware of as well.

Buying In Bulk

Pro: Buying bulk wholesale will get you a lot more toilet paper or green beans for your money than retail. If IBS is a problem all the extra toilet paper will serve as (somewhat) of a relief, but you really should make sure the green beans are not the cause.

Con: You don’t have storage space for all of that extra toilet paper or three years worth of canned green beans. It might also be hard for you to pass up that five gallon jar of pickles but you need to consider shelf life. And if you really like pickles that much.

Fewer Shopping Trips

Pro: You save gas money and shopping time. Plus, you are not subjected to shopping as often with the many strange looking people that seem to be attracted to such places.

Con: You are not subjected to the strange looking people. They can sometimes serve as an ego balm, because there is no way you look like all the rest of those shoppers. Right?

Buying Things Other Than Food

Pro: When you go grocery shopping why should you not be able to buy a recliner or a TV?

Con: I won’t insult your intelligence and assume you actually need me to explain this one to you. Besides, IBS and new furniture do not mix.

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