Pumped Up Frugal Tips: Clothes, Cleaner and Weeds Edition

Once a month I take a different look at some popular but somewhat wimpy frugal tips and try to beef them up. Yeah!

Air Dry Your Clothes

Wimpy Tip: Hang your clothes out on the line to air dry. Not bad, but it lacks excitement.

Tip on Steroids: Secure your wet clothes to the bike you ride to work and they should be dry by the time you get there. A two for one frugal tip!

Homemade Silver Cleaner

Wimpy Tip: Use baking soda as a frugal alternative to clean your silver.

Tip on Steroids: Seriously, you own a silver set? Sell that sucker on eBay or Craigslist and get back to reality with good old stainless steel. 

Use Newspapers to Control Garden Weeds

Wimpy Tip: Put down newspapers between garden plants to control the weed population. Nope, still too much work.

Tip on Steroids: Just plant the vegetables in your front lawn with space to mow around them and forget about the weeds.

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  1. how do you untarnish (cheap lol) bracelets
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