Weekly Roundup

The online presence of the computer radio show Computer America offers helpful articles, a nice list of free software links as well as a streaming audio link to listen to their show.

Flit allows shoppers to enter a search using a term which in turn searches all of their favorite stores, which includes “more than 275 leading retail brands spanning 30-plus popular categories including fashion, home goods, jewelry, electronics, sports and gourmet foods.”

This article gives some good advice on how not to get ripped off on Craigslist.

Linda Gassenheimer is a TV and radio personality and author whose passion is food. Her website Dinner in Minutes offers a link to her columns, books, recipes and tips. Make sure you visit her blog, where most of her recipes reside.

Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading.

You might be able to come up with some of your own ideas after reading this list of five items in nature with enormous finder fees.

This is an interesting take on the real reason you’re broke.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. I wrote this post on how to enjoy sports events on the cheap.

Make it a great weekend!

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