The Older You Get the Better the Deals

Am I there yet?

We all remember how anxious we were as kids to grow up. You hit the double digits at 10, teen hood at 13, get a driver’s permit at 14, a license to drive at sweet 16, reach adulthood at 18 and finally, the all powerful 21.

What’s next?

Well, usually your car insurance will lower a little at 25. As 30 looms you might quietly reflect on your soon to be forever gone twenties, but once it hits and you start cruising through your thirties you might get to thinking, hey, this aging thing isn’t as bad as it sounded.

The wall.

Personally, what really slammed me into the pondering mortality wall was reaching forty. I’m sure anyone older reading this is snickering, but let me tell you why. It dawned on me that if I doubled my age I would be 80. That is beyond the average life expectancy. Being a fairly average guy I realized I was, truly, middle aged.

Okay, now I’m depressed.

Acceptance becomes the key. Embrace each birthday as another accomplishment, and start looking for the bonuses. There are good deals galore for geezers, and here is a primer on what’s coming your way if you make it long enough.

Show me the deals! Wait; let me get my glasses first… offers a good Senior Discount Directory listing discounts on everything from Amtrak to Wendy’s.

About also has a comprehensive list of free entertainment activities for seniors.

Senior Discounts offers three levels of membership with basic being free. You get a subscription to their weekly email newsletter and access to their discussion boards, blogs and News & Articles section.

Check out the Senior Discounts section of Senior Journal for news on discounts and deals.

The Rubins has an extensive list of ideas and sites to visit at their senior citizen discounts page.

Finally, go to the AARP website and type “senior discounts” in their site search engine for multiple pages of discount articles.

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  2. I guess it's a great way for companies to cash in on the older market... There are a lot of seniors that need entertaining but are not necc loaded with cash.... I'm not going to think about this for a few years yet though :)



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