Pumped Up Frugal Tips: Change, Shower Water, Bus and Bike Edition

Once a month I take a different look at some popular but somewhat wimpy frugal tips and try to beef them up. Yeah!

Save Your Change

Wimpy Tip: Save your change in a jar as a rainy day fund. It’s a start, but you can do better.

Tip on Steroids: Forget the jar and carry that change with you in your front pockets or purse until bulging full, THEN take it to the bank. Consider the ever increasing weight as an addition to your exercise routine.

Shower Water

Wimpy Tip: Save cold shower start up water in a container to water your house plants with. Well intentioned, but why not cut out the middle man?

Tip on Steroids: Shower with your plants once a week. A little soap never hurt anything.

Bus or Bike

Wimpy Tip: Save gas money by taking the bus or riding a bike. Seriously, what is the challenge of a bike or the fun of being on a bus?

Tip on Steroids: Get creative and try something like a unicycle or a pogo stick to get around instead.

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  1. This article gave me a very good laugh.... Stumbling now :), Thanks.



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