Pumped Up Frugal Tips: Full Belly, Spare Room and Financial Advisor Edition

Once a month I take a different look at some popular but somewhat wimpy frugal tips and try to beef them up. Yeah!

Full Belly

Wimpy Tip: Grocery shop on a full belly so you are not tempted to spend as much. Not bad, but there could be added benefits.

Tip on Steroids: Get that full belly eating beans, broccoli or cabbage and wait a few hours to digest. Leave the Beano at home and not only will you clear out the aisles for a smoother, more efficient shopping experience, but the cashier might find herself so hurried to get you through her line that she misses a few scans. Score!

Spare Room

Wimpy Tip: Rent out a spare room in your house to make extra money. You obviously have not thought this all the way through.

Tip on Steroids: Think how much more money you could make if you moved into the spare room and rented out the rest of the house. Cutting edge, I know, but you are free to use it.

Financial Advisor

Wimpy Tip: Go in for a full evaluation of your financial situation by a trained professional. Really, who actually has money for that?

Tip on Steroids: Just ask your friends and family how they handle their finances, and do the opposite.

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  1. This was a fun read. The full belly tip on steroids is hysterical!

  2. According to me if we know what to buy when, by timing our shopping perfectly we can save huge amount of money.


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