Frugal Lessons From The Past: Economy in the Home

History can provide some of the best lessons to help us figure out solutions to today’s problems.
Concerning finances, thrift, frugality and simple living there are tried and true bedrock principals that we should never forget.
This post is part of a series that focuses on some of those principals by going to source materials for inspiration.
The following is taken from Book Two of The People’s Home Library, published in 1920 and written by Mrs. Alice Gitchell Kirk.

“It is interesting to watch the wonderful strides of today in producing wealth, but it is of at least equal importance how this money is spent; and the home is the center for the consumption of this wealth. It has been said by students of Home Economics that the greatest financial losses come through the home. If this be true, then women should begin to have a better understanding of the practice of economy in the home. First, they should help and encourage in every way to increase the income; and second, to lessen the expenditures. It is not always what we earn, but how that is spent that insures the best economy and results in perfect, or nearly perfect, household management. At the present time the difficulty with the housekeeper is not so much that she has lack of income, as that she does not always spend wisely.”

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