Bucks Guide to Finding Work

This is the first installment of a new series. I decided to group together previous posts by subject and recycle them, once a month, into topical guides. There are two reasons for me putting together these guides: One, I might someday assemble them all into an eBook and Two, I want to make subject matter easier to find here. When I read other blogs I like I’m sure there is older content I might want to read, but I don’t like to take the time to dig through the archives. To that end here is:

Bucks Guide to Finding Work

Work At Home Scams – My first post on the subject was a link to another post on the subject. Hey, I had to start somewhere!

Virtual Assistant as a Work From Home Option – This includes telemarketing positions as well as VA opportunities. I was taken to task by a reader in the comment section for not distinguishing between the two.

Finding Seasonal Work – Here are a few ideas on finding temporary work.

Some Work at Home Ideas – This lists four sites to check out for work at home options.

Find A Job Series – This brief series lists some obvious as well as offbeat sites to look for work. There are three parts to the series that presents fifteen sites total.
You can find them here at Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Nine Ways to Find a Job or Work from Home – Another batch of sites for you to peruse.

Can You Make a Living Without a Job? – This is a review of a book that asks that very question.

Where to Find Seasonal Work – A few more ideas on finding temp work.

The following sites and their descriptions appeared at other places on The Buck List:

Hound claims to be the largest online job search engine.

LotsofJobs – Unlike some job sites this one is 100% free to both job posters and job seekers.

Flex Jobs offers to find legitimate telecommuting jobs “from all over the web -- freelance to full-time, entry-level to executive, in over 50 different job categories.”

Interested in starting a home based business? Begin your research with the huge database of resources and information found at Direct Sales Moms.

Internet Based Moms “is the leading community and knowledge center for work at home moms or anyone else who has or wants to have an Internet based business.” Check out the site for networking opportunities, marketing information and how to build a money making website.

Dick Bolles, the author of the job hunter guide What Color Is Your Parachute runs Job Hunters Bible as a supplement to his book. If you are in the job market both the site and the book are must reads.

I have reviewed my fair share of work from home sites, and I have to say Home with the Kids ranks among my favorites. Think its hype? Go see for yourself! 

If you are a college student or you know of one looking for a part time job or an internship opportunity check out Urban Interns, “a national marketplace that connects small businesses with people seeking part-time jobs and internships.”

Finally, for resume help check out The Resume Builder and How To Write A Resume


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