Can You Save Money by Hunting?

I really enjoy the outdoors. I like to camp, hike, fish and forage for food, such as berries and morel mushrooms. I have owned firearms since I was a kid and I like to target shoot but, alas, I do not hunt animals. I have no moral/ethical reason not to and I admire those who do it well and by the rules. I guess the main reason I don’t hunt is because I don’t have to, but the same could be said about some of the other activities listed above. Maybe it’s because I never latched onto a hunting mentor to teach me all the tips and tricks. What ever the reason I would have no problem at all taking it up if I had to hunt to feed my family.

With that said, how can a non-hunter answer the question posed by the title of this post? Well, I live in Iowa and in 2007 (the most recent stats I could find) over 150, 000 deer were harvested. Wild game is so abundant here that we have hunting seasons for everything from pheasants and quail to bobcats and badgers. With all the hunting going on around here I know, and am related to, quite a few hunters. By visiting with them over the years about the sport, most of the hunters I know would answer: it depends on your approach.

If you live in the country, hunt your own land or your neighbors land, own an inexpensive shotgun or rifle, wear basic gear and butcher the meat yourself you most likely will come out ahead.

If you have a penchant for expensive firearms and gear, pay to have your game butchered and have to travel far to a hunting ground you are unfamiliar with you most likely won’t be saving any money on your grocery bill.

What I have heard discussed the most by the hunters I know is a factor that is hard to put a price tag on: enjoyability. Most hunters, whether frugal or not, love hunting and spending time in the fields and woods. When you add that to the equation I don’t think many of them would care what the answer is.

What’s your take on saving money by hunting?

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  1. is one way to save money hunting, we know that times are hard. Who doesn't like to save money?


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