Pumped Up Frugal Tips: Credit Cards, Light Bulbs and Homemade Gifts Edition

Once a month I take a different look at some popular but somewhat wimpy frugal tips and try to beef them up. Yeah!

Credit Cards

Wimpy Tip: Put your credit card in a bowl of water and freeze it to keep from using the wicked thing. That idea might have made a difference before microwaves were invented, but it’s just kind of silly today.

Tip on Steroids: Grab that credit card by the corner and run it through the shredder. The next time you feel the urge to splurge you will have to go through the hassle of ordering a replacement card.

Light Bulbs

Wimpy Tip: Replace all of the old light bulbs in your house with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Were is the challenge in that?

Tip on Steroids: Remove all of the old light bulbs in your house and only replace half of them with CFLs, leaving the other sockets empty. It might be a little dark here and there, but the savings will add up in no time.

Homemade Gifts

Wimpy Tip: Use your God given crafty talents to make Birthday and Holiday gifts.

Tip on Steroids: If you are not artsy-fartsy, pretend to be. Take a few crayons and scribble all over some paper. Give the drawings out as presents, explaining you have seriously taken up abstract art.

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  1. Very informative & well managed article about frugal. Anyway i do agree whatever you have told about credit card. By the way As i am also a financial writer so i will always take some informative ideas from your blog post. Thanks for sharing this i suppose this post will help others also to get some tips about frugal.
    Keep it up. All the best from my end.


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