What Do You Do With Your Change?

As far back as I can remember I have always kept my change. As a kid it was kept in a weird little flowery yellow turtle bank and later a much cooler hinged pirate chest with a tiny key lock on it. Now as an adult I keep my change in mugs I collect, scattered around the house. Once a few fill up I pour it all into a coin bag and head up to the bank to turn it in.

A few weeks ago I walked into my bank at the same time a couple of women both were carrying in two large containers of change. The bank clerk emptied the containers one after the other into the change counter. After around five minutes she finished and announced the grand total to them: $762. The clerk asked how long it took them to accumulate that much and they said about a year.

The most I have ever cashed in was under $100. I usually don’t do anything special with the cash I get back; it just goes into the general fund. I am wondering what was the most you got when cashing in your change and what do you do with it?

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