Focus On: Get Rich Slowly

This is eighth in a series of brief reviews of personal finance and frugal websites and blogs.

That Get Rich Slowly is not devoted to get-rich-quick schemes might be apparent by the title of this personal finance blog. After finding himself deep in debt J.D. Roth began educating himself on personal finance issues by reading books and discovered “few people get rich quickly, but almost anyone can get rich slowly by patiently following some simple rules.”

This is easily one of the most in-depth and well written PF blogs out there. Subscribe and take some time to look around the archives and the forum. While you are there make sure to check out J.D.’s twelve basic tenets of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy.

Send me an email (BuckWeber at if you have a frugal or PF site you would like to see included in this series. If it belongs to you include a few lines about it and yourself.

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