Weekly Roundup

The Buck List participated in two carnivals recently. Check them out for articles about almost every kind of personal finance topic you can imagine.

Carnival of Everything About Personal Finance – 6th Edition

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #17 – “Online Slang” Edition

Retired Brains – This site connects older workers with employers looking to hire them.

Target Barter – This clearinghouse site allows you to trade items using Target Barter Dollars. Services and items are purchased and sold at current market rates while they keep track of your account.

Travel Muse – Plan, create and organize your trips using this site. If you don’t know where to go use the "Inspire Me" button.

In the comment section of a recent post I wrote about how to eat out cheaply a reader suggested the site Ueatcheap, which offers to find places to eat in your area for $10 or less.

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