Make Money By Watching Commercials?

Watching the same commercials over and over again on television is one of banes of the medium. What if you could choose the commercials you actually wanted to watch and get the chance to win money for watching? Welcome to AdJack, founded by David Boland in 2008 and based in Santa Fe, NM.

Register with the site and watch five commercials a day. You will be entered in the weekly sweepstakes, drawn for every Friday. Pretty simple, the commercials are usually under one minute in length, and some of them can be amusing.

I just signed up last week and will try it out for maybe six to eight weeks. If I have not won anything by then it will go the way of most of the survey and reward sites I have tried…into the recycle bin.

UPDATE: As of July, 2010 AdJack is no longer offering sweepstakes. The reason according to the site: "We just didn’t have enough entries to make it likely someone would win the larger prizes." Another one bites the dust.


  1. Wow, Buck, do you win in every sweepstakes you enter within six to eight weeks? I understand that there are thousands of AdJack members--maybe tens of thousands. If all of them expected to win $1,000 or $25,000, or the big prize that grows--now around $450,000--there wouldn't be many members. If everyone did win, I don't think the company could sustain itself. Whoa... no point in counseling patience, I'm sure, or saying it's not ALL about you...Pretty funny. But thanks for the heads up on the site.

  2. Good point about my lack of patience. I am not much of a gambler and if I don’t see results for my time spent I tend to move on to the next novelty. As for it being all about me you did catch the name of this blog, right?


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