Selling on Cafepress

Cafepress was founded in 1999 and is located in San Mateo, CA. They are a print on demand company with 6.5 millions users and have a multitude of products to print your designs on and offer for sale, including t-shirts, hoodies and mugs.

I joined in August of 2008, threw some products up on my shop and then walked away from it. That might explain the .50 cents I have earned so far, or maybe it’s my products.

When I first started looking at ways to make money online I was very interested in these kinds of sites and also created a Zazzle Shop.

There are designers that put time into their creations and make some good money as a result. My problem is I am not much of a designer, and was looking at these sites as a way to just create something and watch the money roll in. I got out of them what I put in. Lesson learned. In the future I might give them a more honest try and see what I can make of it.

Both companies offer excellent promotional support and special occasion and holiday deals. If you like to design sign up with either or both companies and start creating. With some decent products and promotion who knows what might happen.

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