Get a Free Loan from NGA

A free loan?

That’s right!

How much?

As much as you want, there are no limits!

Is this part of the economic stimulus package coming out of Washington, D.C?
No, this is a much older program that comes out of Washington from the National Gallery of Art.

The NGA was created in 1937 upon the death of Andrew A. Mellon to house his personal art collection that he donated to the people of the U.S. Hundreds of other donors have since gifted individual items as well as entire collections.

The NGAs Division of Education “provides slide teaching programs, multimedia programs, videocassettes, CD ROMs and DVDs to millions of viewers each year.” The purpose is to foster awareness of the visual arts and make gallery collections more accessible to educational institutions, community groups and individuals throughout the U.S.

They recommend you order a month before the items are needed, and there is no limit to the number you can order. Items can be ordered by mail, fax or from their online catalogue, which are then mailed to you free of charge. You can keep them for up to two business weeks, after which you simply mail the items back using Media Mail rate. Okay, so it’s not entirely free, but they also offer videos and podcasts that are.

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