Can You Really Make Money Stuffing Envelopes?

To start off I have to say I have actually made money stuffing envelopes, but it was for a full time employer at an hourly wage and not as a private contractor or part of a work at home offer. While thinking about different ways to make money that I have not written about yet I was reminded of the old comic book and magazine ads that would promise a great work at home opportunity for good money by stuffing envelopes. Almost anybody that you talked to back then would warn they were scams, and I wondered if such offers still existed today, and if so, were they legitimate. After some research into the possibilities here is what I found out:

All Scams

They still exist, and they are all scams. The way they usually work is you are asked to send money for instructions and maybe a starter kit. What you will receive are instructions telling you to place ads and ask for money, just like what happened to you. They might also offer to sell you a mailing list, in which case you would be stuffing envelopes with a scam letter that asks the recipients to send you money for instructions on how to make money stuffing envelopes. It is all dishonest and illegal.      

An Alternative

Rather than respond to an ad consider contacting local print shops in your area and offering your services. This could involve working in their bindery department, maintaining mailing lists, collating marketing materials…maybe even operating their automatic envelope stuffing machine.

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