My Worst Money Making Ideas

Since losing my job in 2007 I have been trying different ways to make money, both online and off. I decided to put together a little list of some ideas that did not do well. While I would like to be able to blame someone other than myself for these failures I have to shoulder it because I know there are people making money with (most) of these methods. So here they are, my worst money making ideas. I would love to hear if you have tried any of them and what the results were.

Zazzle – This is a site where you can customize all kinds of products and then offer them for sale from your “shop.” While the site is easy to use and setting up a shop takes just a few minutes it is, as usual, promoting your stuff that takes most of the work. I have linked to my shop at various times on this blog, but that’s about it. I have been rewarded with one t-shirt sale.

Survey, Sweepstakes and Reward Sites – I decided awhile ago to just let all of these go. I found that the survey and reward sites took too much time relative to the (possible) rewards and the sweepstakes were basically long shot time wasters.

CafĂ© Press – Same story as Zazzle, but I did sell one bumper sticker.

Blogging – Surprised? Don’t be. Very few people make good money doing it. For every successful money making blog out there I imagine there are thousands that flounder around before dying a very lonely, disappointing death. I didn’t expect this blog to make much so I’m not disappointed. I am always considering other ways to make money online, but for now The Buck List remains a labor of love and not much profit.

Etsy – I was really hopeful starting off with this one. My sister-in-law had been selling some hand crocheted beverage coolers, or cozies, at local fundraisers with pretty good success. I thought it would be a good fit for Etsy, so we worked out a percentage deal and she gave me 25 to try to sell. I took photos, wrote up descriptions, opened a shop and sold not a one.

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