Weekly Roundup

Coupon Map is a directory of other coupon sites and very easy to use. Simply type in your location and the site gathers links to all the coupons it can find relevant to your search. I got a few misses during my searches, such as a coupon for Arby’s in Chicago (I’m in Iowa) and some of the sites ask that you sign up with them to get the coupons. Worth a peek anyway.

MotorWatch is “an indefatigable protector of the American public’s right to have safe, defect-free motor vehicles.” While they really want you join with a paid membership you can also find plenty of free information by clicking around the website.

Whether you are thinking about planning your first cruise or are a regular “cruiser” Cruise Critic is a site you can’t afford not to visit. Use the site to plan and research your cruise, read cruise reviews, ports of call profiles and destination stories. Make sure to visit the Cruise Critic message boards while you are there.

Here is an article claiming that the national debt is actually much higher than official government figures. I linked to another article on the same subject from a different source on August 13. Because most politicians want to be reelected once they are in office I think there are very few that can make the hard decisions to turn this situation around, which does not include adding more debt. Term limits for Congress, anyone?

If you have any iPhones sitting around unused check out Cash for iPhones to see if they might be worth some cash. Use their online quote system to find out if they want your iPhone and if they do they even offer free shipping. Payments are by check or Paypal. Their sister sites buy a variety of other electronics.

I have decided to take the Yakezie Challenge. What is it? Click and find out!

Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading.

This one presents the interesting idea that sometimes you should keep your goals to yourself.

This is on a subject I have written about before. Check out four ways to become more financially literate.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. This post explains how to borrow, rent or share tools to save money.

Have a great Weekend!

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