Weekly Roundup

The winner of the $60 Gift Certificate Giveaway was Sheila H. Stay tuned as I’m pretty sure there are more giveaways coming up. Congratulations Sheila!

There seems to be an endless amount of sites like InboxDollars, where you earn money by reading emails, redeeming coupons, playing games online, shopping and taking surveys.

The Building Materials Reuse Association is “a 501 c3 non-profit educational and research organization whose mission is to facilitate building deconstruction and the reuse / recycling of recovered building materials.” Make sure to check their directory for building material reuse organizations and stores in your state.

Hayes Otoupalik has been buying and selling military collectables for 49 years. If you have any militaria dated from between 1845 to 1965 that you are interested in selling call or email for a quote.

I liked this witty article about Zen and the art of economy repair.

Do you hate ticket cameras and speed traps? Visit the National Motorists Association, who “work for more rational traffic laws, reasonable speed limits, fair enforcement practices and traffic courts more interested in justice than ticket revenue.”

Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading.

This post discusses how to money-proof your relationship.

Here is one about how to defend against 7 sneaky sales tactics.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. This article compares roadside stands vs. farmers markets.

The Free Shopping Fix

My daughter and I were visiting the other day when she surprised me by saying she thought she might be addicted to shopping. After seeing the surprised look on my face she moderated that statement by saying she didn’t think she was addicted, but she really liked it. She went on to describe one way she battles her urges. She signs on to one of her favorite online stores and starts shopping, filling the cart as she goes. Once she is done she empties the cart rather than checking out. That way she gets her shopping fix without buying a thing.

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