Ten Free Online Colleges and Courses

This is a post I have wanted to write for quite a while now, but the continuing expansion of the online education field has made me hesitant to put together a list that would almost immediately become outdated. There are lists on the internet with 100, 200 and more entries and trying to top them seemed like a waste of time. While they can serve as great resources I tend to drift off and loose interest when faced with such massive lists. So, to avoid putting you to sleep, here are just ten very good online learning sites to look over. If you are interested in more options just pick out some key words and get to searching!

The Open University 


MIT OpenCourseWare 



Notre Dame OpenCourseWare  

How To Geek 

Notre Dame OpenCourseWare  

About U 

Open Culture 

JHSPH OpenCourseWare 

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