Eight Essentials For Winter Driving

Before the snow flies, and it already has here in Iowa, you will want to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for winter driving and possible emergencies. To ensure you are fully prepared follow these eight essential tips for winter driving.

Make sure your car is well maintained and ready for the season. Good tires, battery, defroster and wiper blades are a must. The blower in my old F-150 doesn’t work so it’s going to sit out this season until I fix it.

Two new, solid windshield scrapers are a must. After just year or two they usually need to be replaced because the blades get ragged. Get a long one with a brush to remove snow from all around your vehicle and a short one for that down and dirty power scraping that is sometimes required.

Fill up your car before a major storm hits, and keep it at least half full during the season. During one particularly bad storm a few years ago it took me three hours to drive my usual 10 minute route home from work.

Jumper, or booster, cables. I carry these in each of my vehicles year round.

Blanket or sleeping bag. Years ago I bought some old wool blankets for camping. They were too itchy to sleep in so they were designated car blankets.

A fully charged cell phone could be your best friend.

I have been an AAA member for many years now and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone, any time of the year. It can be especially helpful in the winter months.

Extra gloves and stocking cap. You might not have remembered to bring both when you left so keeping an extra set in your vehicle could really make a difference, and not just for emergencies. If you have ever had to clean snow off of your car without gloves you know what I mean.

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