Best Of Buck: 2009 Year End Edition

Usually when I write up a month end best of list I just pick out five or six of my personal favorites and that’s that. For the 2009 year end batch I decided to let the readers pick my ten most popular posts of the year, via my Google Analytics data. So here they are: my ten most visited posts from 2009.

1) 10 Free Barter & Swap Sites 

2) The Ten Best Freebie Sites 

3) Can You Make a Living Without a Job? 

4) Nine Ways to Find a Job or Work at Home 

5) Ten Best Home Improvement and DIY Sites 

6) Free Online Personal Finance Course 

7) 10 Interesting Ways to Make Some Side Cash 

8) Five Free Software Programs For Everyday Use 

9) Best Sweepstakes Sites 

10) My Ten Favorite Homesteading Books 

I don’t know if I would have picked any of these personally. I probably would have included some essays and posts on subjects near and dear to my heart. What the top ten most popular have in common becomes quickly apparent: people like numbered best of lists, free stuff, and ways to make money. Not too surprising, and duly noted by this writer for 2010.

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