Weekly Roundup

Find parts for your appliances and repair help at Repair Clinic.

If you have any old electronics sitting around the house gathering dust why not take a couple of minutes to find out if they still have any value. Go visit You Renew to see what they are worth. Hey…free shipping!

Post of the Week – A personal finance post I found to be exceptional.
I actually have two this week; one is a leftover I just had to include. The Boston Globe recently ran an article about Internet panhandlers. Wow! Where there’s a will there’s a way! I also liked this article on how making money takes practice. Make sure to read the comments, they are as interesting as the post.

Check out Good Guide where you can “search or browse over 70,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products to see what’s really beneath the label.” I don’t care what they say about my Skippy Super Chunk, it’s staying in my cupboard.

So…what to do when your hippy philosophy is offended by what you consider to be your lesser, sell-out sibling? You start up Free Use. Actual quote from the site: “You see, we believe that giving things away for free…came about the time man separated from primates, as a species.”

I am interested in blending words to convey a new meaning. Taste Casting caught my attention for that very reason. What is it? Click and find out.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. I wrote this little article on how to start a do it yourself club.

The Buck List participated in three carnivals recently. Check them out for a wide variety of personal finance articles. Thanks to the hosts for including my posts.

Personal Finance News Blog Carnival Volume 9

Economy and your Finances Carnival Oct 25 2009

Carnival of Personal Finance #229: candy edition

Special Note: I am posting this Weekly Roundup on Friday, rather than Saturday, because I am going camping this weekend and am NOT taking the laptop.

Have a great weekend!

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