Frugal Recipe: Tuna and Noodle Casserole

You could get away with paying under $3 to buy the ingredients that make up this basic recipe. This is one of our oldest recipes, one that we made even before the kids came along, and it’s a quick and delicious meal we still enjoy.


Package of egg noodles, cooked

One can of tuna

One can of cream of mushroom soup

½ cup milk

Handful of crushed potato chips


Mix first four ingredients in baking dish then sprinkle with chips. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until heated through.

Some people add peas to the mix but since I don’t really like peas they get served with the meal as a side. I know, what a big baby!

Over the years I have experimented with tweaking this recipe, having tried the following variations:

Use ½ can of evaporated in place of regular milk for a richer flavor

Add some shredded cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese

Substitute Italian seasoned bread crumbs for the potato chips

Sauté some onion and celery and add

Season with garlic and dill weed

In a blender add some cottage cheese, sour cream, one egg, some shredded cheese, ½ can evaporated milk and the mushroom soup then mix and pour over the tuna and noodles before baking.

Add extra can of tuna

Add all of the variations at once and you won’t even know you are eating tuna and noodles!

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