Best Of Buck: First Anniversary Edition

It has been one year this month since I started The Buck List and I decided to put together what I consider to be ten of my best posts from the last year. If I was to assemble this list on another day it would be different, so I am just going with this one. I wrote a post giving some background on myself, if interested. From oldest to newest, here are my picks.

The Perfect Junk Storm – Describes the mess my nephew Toby and I encountered during our hauling endeavor. It’s the middle post of a trilogy.

How I Sell On Craigslist – Through trial and error I was able to turn Craigslist into a nice little money maker. This post describes how.

Use Your Library – Lists all the wonderful, usually free ways to get the most out of your local library. Includes a Secret Library Tip.

Don’t Die Farting – The post title is a quote from Benjamin Franklin and I relate it to a little scenario I observed at a convenience store.

Ten Tips on Finding the Great Morel – I love hunting morels in the spring. Here are ten tips on finding them.

Ten Books to Have Around When the Internet Goes Down – I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this, but I liked how it turned out.

How to Camp on the Cheap – My family loves to camp and this post is full of tips on how to do it cheaply.

Three Blogging Lessons I Have Learned by Example – This is a profile of three bloggers and what I learned from their mistakes.

How to Make Money with a Booth – You can do this part time for some side cash or delve into it as a full time career. This interview with my Dad will show you how.

Does a Financial Education Matter? – My take on the question.


  1. I have been following your blog for most of the past year....hope I learn alot more in the upcoming year.

  2. Thank you for reading, and thanks for sticking around!


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